Monday, March 18, 2013

International Bus Driver Appreciation Day

I ride the trains not the buses but am still willing to tout International Bus Driver Appreciation Day.  SEPTA commends the following drivers in particular:

 Welton Cannon, 47-year SEPTA veteran. He has been recognized with safe operator awards 19 times, and currently operates the Route 27.
 Johnnie Singleton, 38 years of service at SEPTA, has been recognized for safe operations 27 times. He also operates the Route 27..
 Terry “Tomato” Bell has been with the Authority 41 years. He has been recognized 32 times as a safe operator, and was also named the Callowhill District Operator of the Year in 2011. He currently works on the Route 40.
 Robert L. Alexander, 39-year veteran, was Callowhill’s Operator of the Year in 2012. He’s been recognized for safe operations 35 times, and currently operates the Route 46.
 George John Borowiec, 38 years on the road with SEPTA’s customers. He’s received multiple accommodations and commendations for safe operations.
 Bernard Eckenrode, a 39-year veteran, has numerous accommodations for safe operation and outstanding performance.
 Lawrence Roberson, 31 years at SEPTA. He is a peer mentor at the Elmwood District, and currently operates the Route 34.
 Aaron Shelton, 27-year veteran. Outstanding record for safety and performance. Currently works on the Route 11.
 Robert Buggy, 40 years’ service, 28 years of recognition for safe operations. He runs the Route 88 bus, and will begin enjoying retirement next year.
 Richard Borowiec, a 40-year veteran with 28 years of safety honors. He runs the Route 59.
 Thomas Slaven, 34 years honored for safe operations. He operates the Route 73.
 John Becker has 34 years worth of honors for safe operations. He operates the Route 66.
 David Viglione, 33 years of service with an outstanding safety record. Currently working Routes 127 and 128.
 David Harris, 26 years of service with 23 years of safe operations recognition. He can be found operating routes 129, 130, and 133.
 Robert Downer, 43 years of service, with multiple safety recognitions. He works on the Route 56.
 Stephen Vaughn, 35 years of service and 30 years of safe driving. He is currently on the Route 61.
 Robert Colburn Jr., 39 years of service, 31 years of safe driving recognition and numerous accommodations. He operates the Route 64.
 Kevin Baldwin, 41 years of service and the same number of safety awards. He is a yardmaster at Victory District.
Hopefully there is an International Train Conductor Day coming up sometime this year.

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