Monday, February 18, 2013

Will PA See Downton Abbey's Next Season?

Uh oh.  After the season finale of Downton Abbey this evening there was an alarming comment.  Patrick Stoner went into a full fledged fund drive.  He specifically mentioned that WHYY had lost funding from Pennsylvania.  He mentioned it several times.  I thought he was about to cry, and not only because he just found out that Matthew died.  Now the whole world knows our shame.

I am a WHYY member and donated an additional $100 to the organization during the year.  Note to the governor and legislature -- don't mess with Downton Abbey.


Marisa said...

I thought Patrick Stoner was about to break down after Matthew's death as well. Very funny!

AboveAvgJane said...

How could he not have known? He said he avoided hearing or reading any spoilers but I think that would have been difficult to do.

BTW, I bought one of your books for a relative's birthday. It looks fantastic.

Marisa said...

I hope your relative liked the book! Thanks for doing that! :)