Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Pew News Quiz

The Pew Research Center has compiled a 13 question quiz on current events.  There are some straight question, some match photo with name, a couple of symbols, and so on.  After completing the quiz you can answer a few demographic questions and then, if you wish, see how you stack up against others that took the quiz. 

You can see how many question you got right, and what percentage of others who took the quick did better or worse than you did.  For more detail there is a lengthy chart showing how different demographic groups did on each question.  Not surprisingly those who have more education did better.  On most questions people who were older did better; the exception is on the questions pertaining to international matters.  That was curious.  It's interesting to look over all the data. 

It's a quick quiz and, for those who have a few minutes of spare time, worth the time. 

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