Monday, February 11, 2013

Grace Livingston Hill Exhibit in Langhorne

When I was in high school my mother recommended an author to me.  Grace Livingston Hill wrote formulaic romance novels with religious overtones.  All of them seemed to have social mobility themes as one of the pair would be wealthy and the other of much more modest means.  The books were set in the Great Depression or earlier in American history.  I liked historical fiction and so read all of her books that our public library had.  They seemed worn but still in fairly good shape.  My mother had read Hill's books growing up; for all I know my grandmother had as well.

Grace Livingston Hill started publishing in the 1880's and stopped in the late 1940's.  That's a long career.  Even more amazing -- some of her books are still in print and Amazon also has several of her books available for the Kindle.  She may be the most popular novelist that most people have never heard of.

Masland Library at Cairn University in Langhore has a Grace Livingston Hill exhibit on display through May.   If you are in or near Langhorne in the next few months, think about stopping in and having a look.

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