Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Dress Code for the PA Legislature

Jenice Armstrong wrote an article for the Philadelphia Daily News today, "Pa. state rep. gets snubbed for violating dress code."  The article focuses on the refusal of the representative standing in for the speaker to acknowledge a representative who was wearing African garb.  Apparently there is a dress code for state reps and men are supposed to wear a suit and tie.  

I noticed this sentence:

Brown's outfit was within the dress code for female representatives, which requires them to wear a dress or skirt.
Seriously??!!! Women in the state house can't wear pants to work in Harrisburg?  I am flabbergasted.  That's just bizarre.  In the depths of winter, on a day like today, if a female representative knows she will have to be out in the elements for part of the day can't wear nicely tailored wool slacks to keep warm?

No wonder so few women run for state rep.  One hopes the rule book allows women to drive and own property, but maybe not ....

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