Monday, February 04, 2013

Breaking the Glass Slipper

A non-political side note, since most people are distracted by the Super Bowl, about shoes.

Women's shoes are losing the Cinderella focus.  Shoes on display in mainline shoe stores are no longer necessarily a small size 6.  You see a lot of size 7's and above on the display racks.  And long pointy toes (witch shoes) are another strike against the stereotype of small dainty feet.  This may mean a lot of things but one is that women no longer feel a need to meet the tiny foot ideal.

Men's shoes, on the other hand, seem to be going in the other direction.  I've noticed lately in meetings that there is a new style in men's shoes.  We all sit through meetings that don't always hold our attention all the time.  I often look at shoes in situations like that.  From what I've seen men in high profile jobs are now wearing shoes with narrow toes than traditional men's shoes.  Those in medium level jobs still wear boxy toed shoes but the corner office crowd seems to be adopting a leaner footed look.  Can kitten heels be far behind?

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