Saturday, February 09, 2013

Bing Pulse and SOTU

from the inbox:

With President Obama’s State of the Union address coming up next Tuesday, the majority of Americans will tune in to hear the POTUS’s outlook for the country and has plans for the next four years. However, today “tuning in” to the State of the Union means more than just sitting down in front of the television. 
A recent Bing survey found nearly 75 percent of Americans identified themselves as active participants or observers in online political discussions. With that in mind, Bing will launch on Saturday as a resource for:·         The exclusive Bing Pulse, which will for the first time enable Americans to give real-time feedback on the President’s speech. The Bing Pulse will allow people to join the conversation by “voting” every five seconds on their reactions to the President’s speech.·         Up-to-the-minute non-partisan news, and the ability to filter it from left to right-leaning sources·         The conversations that are trending on Twitter at that moment·         Original videos of former President Jimmy Carter and former Speaker Newt Gingrich on the address·         Live streaming of the speech itself

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