Monday, January 28, 2013

Not a Victimless Crime

Some years ago a prominent figure in my profession was arrested for possession of child pornography.  One of my occasional train buddies said she didn't see why simply having those photographs was a crime.  I disagreed with her but, other than general principle, didn't have any data to show why her view of it as a "victimless crime" was wrong.

This week I ran across a New York Times Magazine story on two women who were sexually abused as children and their abusers photographed or videotaped those encounters and distributed them on the Internet.  They explain, fair better than I can, the continuing impact of those images have on their lives. 

It isn't a quick read; wait until you can take a little time to digest.  "The price of a stolen childhood," by Emily Bazelon, Jan 24, 2013

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