Thursday, January 17, 2013

Geek News

Two geek notes:

Although I've read about 3D printers for some time, today was the first day I got to see one in person.  It was a Makerbot.  It constructs a physical object based on a computer file image.  The demonstration showed a vase, a skull, and two interlocking rings (life saver sized), being made out of white plastic.  It is the coolest thing.   One of the people at the demo said there are 3D printers large enough to print out a car.  Industrial designers will use a 3D printers to test a device before have hundreds or thousands manufactured.  Some people are interesting in seeing if they can be used to create artificial organs.  Brave new world.

John Scalzi fans rejoice.  He is writing another book that takes place in the Old Man's War universe.  The book will be out this spring but for the impatient he is releasing one chapter a week from now until then.  I've read Chapter One of The Human Division.  Good stuff.

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