Thursday, November 08, 2012

The Mouse, the Master, and the Money

Some of you may have read or noted that George Lucas sold LucasFilm (including Industrial Light and Magic) to Disney.  LucasFilm is / was a private company so George is pocketing a little over $4 Billion (billion with a B).  He has announced that he intends to donate the money to a foundation on educational issues.  In other words, he's giving the money to kids in some form or another.  (Read more at The Hollywood Reporter's "Disney Deal:  Lucas will use $4 billion to fund education," by Alex Ben Block, 10/31/2012).

I thought of this frequently in the last few days of the campaign, watching the endless series of campaign ads, listening to the robocalls, and reading all the incoming emails.  Over the years I've gotten to know several people who make their living in politics and certainly wish them all well.  But I can't help but think all the money, especially all that unregulated PAC money, could have been used for better purposes.

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