Monday, November 12, 2012

A Visit to Pittsburgh

I recently visited Pittsburgh for the first time.  It was a quick business trip so I didn't see much of the city but it was enough to know I'd like to go back.  Downtown Pittsburgh seems to be in a bowl-like valley surrounded by hills with names like Squirrel Hill.  Driving in at night the lights on the hills looked like Christmas lights draped on tree boughs.  It was beautiful.  Going from one place to another downtown I would look up the street and see what seemed to be vertical tree-lined walls with buildings sitting right on the top edge.  A couple looked like they were hanging off the edge.  It was a striking image.  There is a cable car going up at least one of the hills.  I would have called it a funicular but I heard locals call it an incline.  The car is bright red, a notable contrast to the trees. 

There are several tunnels to drive through as you get close to the city but none are overly long and with some you can see the other side as you go in.  I did not know this in advance and would have liked to, so you are now forewarned.

There is a downtown open area called Market Square and there were a few people with political signs when I was there.  I ate a few meals at area restaurants; all were good.  One downtown building had a greenwall with the company logo made out of different shades of greenery.  I also saw some green roofs.  Pittsburgh was intriguing and it looks like a good place to take the family for a short vacation.  I'd like to see the Aviary and maybe take a ride on the river.   It's about a six hour drive between Philly and Pittsburgh; a straight shot on the Turnpike, with several highway rest stops in between.

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