Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tyson Organization Call

Earlier this evening I received a call about environmental priorities and activism.

The woman on the phone asked how important I thought industrial waste was (I don't have the exact wording on this). 

Then she asked if I approved or disapproved of the job government was doing regarding regulations.

Next she asked if in the past six months I had donated to a group fighting for clean air (might not have that exactly right).  There was a nearly identical question asking if I had volunteered for such an organization. 

She asked if I thought the government should do a lot, a little or nothing about global warming. 

Towards the end of the call she asked if I considered myself a clear air activist.

The call was from the Tyson organization (www.tyson.org), whose political clients are Democrats and which also represents environmental organizations such as the Sierra Club, the League of Conversation Voters, and the Environmental Defense Fund.

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