Monday, October 15, 2012

Teplitz Fires Back

Rob Teplitz, the Democratic candidate in the 15th state senate district, is fighting back against attack ads.  His campaign sent out this statement today:

The Truth About Rob Teplitz’s Record

Fighting for Pennsylvania

State Senate candidate Rob Teplitz reveals the lies and distortions in John McNally’s false and misleading negative ads


Harrisburg, PA — Over the weekend, State Senate candidate John McNally released a false and misleading negative attack ad meant to distort Rob Teplitz’s 14-year career of fiscal responsibility fighting for Pennsylvania’s taxpayers and families.
McNally was forced to revert to these baseless attacks because he can no longer talk about the issues or his record of supporting cuts to education – cuts that are forcing property taxes to skyrocket across the 15th Senatorial District.

Below, we take a look at the claims made by McNally in his ad, and set the record straight:

McNally claims that Rob Teplitz is a political insider.
  • Fact: Rob Teplitz has never before run for political office, nor has he held any elected office or elected party position.
  • Fact: The real political insider in this race is John McNally who spent the last five years as the Chairman of the Dauphin County Republicans.

McNally distorts Rob Teplitz’s record and accuses him of taking over $90,000 in unwarranted taxpayer funded raises.
  • Fact: Rob Teplitz works for the Commonwealth in the Auditor General’s office where he has never had the ability to set his own salary, or give himself a pay raise.
  • Fact: During the time Rob has been working for the Commonwealth, he has saved Pennsylvania taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars and gotten raises and promotions fitting someone who excels at their job.
  • Fact: Rob Teplitz began his career with the Auditor General at the bottom of the ladder. Through hard work and perseverance he worked his way up to the position of Chief Counsel and Policy Director for Auditor General Jack Wagner.

McNally distorts Rob Teplitz’s record and accuses him of taking a 25% pension increase and implies that he is running for office to see his pension increase by 211% if elected.
  • Fact: As a state employee, Rob Teplitz has no control over his pension because pension rates are set by the Legislature.
  • Fact: John McNally’s distortions demonstrate that John McNally doesn’t believe that state workers – thousands of whom live in the 15th senatorial district – are entitled to a pension, and John McNally simply doesn’t understand how our state government operates.
McNally claims that Rob Teplitz has proposed over $2 Billion dollars in new government spending which will result in higher taxes.
  • Fact: Rob Teplitz is the only candidate in this race who has a record of saving taxpayer money and eliminating waste, fraud and abuse.
  • Fact: Rob Teplitz is the only candidate in this race with a plan save hundreds of millions of dollars per year while restoring programs like health insurance for families, child care programs, and services for victims of domestic violence.
  • Fact: John McNally is using this clear distortion to distract voters from his record of supporting cuts to education funding[1] that have been driving up property taxes[2].
John McNally is using these misleading smear ads to hide his own record of flip-flopping on the issues that matter to the people of the 15th district. We should be discussing ideas and ways to move the capital region forward – not engaging in attacks on state employees. The facts are pretty simple, but as we’ve seen before with issues such as his stance on cutting education funding, John McNally has no problem ignoring the facts.


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