Tuesday, October 23, 2012

McCord Endorsements

Rob McCord, who is asking for a second term as Pennsylvania's Treasurer, has received a number of significant endorsements.  Links and excerpts:

Headline:  Inquirer Editorial: McCord's doing a good job

"McCord's command of the issues, experience, and creative approach to managing the office of treasurer make him the better choice for Pennsylvania voters.


"McCord's intimate knowledge of investment strategies is helping the state keep its pension funds solvent. He also has made the state's college savings program one of the best run in the nation."

Headline:  Treasurer McCord: The smart, skilled incumbent deserves a new term

"State Treasurer Rob McCord really loves his job. Mr. McCord, a Democrat, is a gregarious, talkative guy anyway, which makes him a natural in statewide politics. But when he starts explaining the big picture and all the minutiae that's involved in being the state's chief investment officer, it's obvious that he not only knows his subject but also is in his element."

Headline: Treasurer McCord deserves second term

"His first-time accomplishments include: Getting the college savings 529 plan back to being fiscally sound. Strengthening the oversight of state payments to prevent errors by using more audits and other checks. Reforming the unclaimed property bureau to generate more money. Using his veto power to deny former Gov. Ed Rendell the ability to issue a bunch of new debt at the end his term. McCord also has gone a step further than his predecessors and tried to bring business and investment savvy to policy debates.

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