Thursday, September 27, 2012

Yolanda Barber Was Robbed!

It was brought to my attention this week an injustice was done.  It was, to be sure, one of
mymany injustices done this week.  This particular occurrence happened on "The View," an American Idol-like show / contest.  The judges / coaches sit with their back to the contestants.  If they like the sound of a singer's voice they turn around and push a big red button, indicating interest in having that person on their team.

This week a contestant, Yolanda Barber, beautifully and forcefully sang her heart out (listen here).  Barber had worked as a singer and performer on cruise ships for something like a decade but was recently laid off.  She is now driving a school bus.  Ms. Barber is around 50 and some of her life experience can be heard in her voice.  She sings like a mature woman not an ingenue.  Not one of the four judges turned around or pushed their button.  A young woman with a good but quavering voice was chosen instead.

I buy about two cds a year.  This year I'm saving a spot on the assumption that some enterprising music company will sign Ms. Barber up and produce an album in some format or another.

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