Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Remembrance: Allyson Schwartz

from the inbox, from Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz:

Today marks the 11th anniversary of the September 11th attacks. Like many of you, I remember exactly where I was that morning. As a state Senator at the time, I was preparing to speak to a Jewish women’s organization when planes struck the north tower of the World Trade Center, followed by the south tower, the Pentagon, and a Pennsylvania field.  I experienced the same overwhelming emotions—disbelief, fear, grief, and the willingness to help any way I could—that were shared by all Americans who watched the news coverage unfold. 
As the morning wore on, I contacted the organization assuming they planned to cancel their event. To my surprise, the women decided to convene as scheduled. They refused to let terrorists dictate their lives—not in Philadelphia or Israel or any other place where freedom is a value cherished above all others. In that moment as an American, it was my duty to deliver that speech as planned. I was proud that I did—standing with others in our community at a time of great national uncertainty.
Eleven years later, America is strong and more secure at home. We are more secure at home, more aware of the threats against us. Our armed forces and our intelligence community crippled Al-Qaeda and brought Osama bin Laden to justice.  While our country changed forever, America’s central values of freedom, liberty, and democracy are stronger than ever before.
On this September 11th, we grieve for the victims and honor the heroes of that day. Our fellow Americans have paid the ultimate price to protect our nation here at home and around the world. Thanks for joining me in a moment of silence and remembrance today.

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