Thursday, September 06, 2012

DNC Notes

A few comments on speeches at the Democratic National Convention this week:

Michelle Obama -- she did a great job
Rahm Emmanuel -- the parts of it I saw were good
Julian Castro -- I thought he did well; he has a great story to tell and he hit a lot of good points.  Plus, his daughter is adorable.

Sandra Fluke -- She showed a lot of poise and spoke well.
Elizabeth Warren -- I've loved Elizabeth Warren for a long time.  For me she has never lost the appearance of a regular person somewhat astounded by what she finds in politics. 
Bill Clinton -- knocked it out of the park.

Dr Jill Biden -- It was a good speech, though not particularly political.
Joe Biden -- classic Biden, some good spots but uneven.  In a few places his voice caught and then he's zoom off in another direction. 
Pres. Obama -- He was at the top of his game.  I loved it.

Pennsylvanians on camera:  Like John Mellencamp I sometimes enjoy saying "hey, look who's in the big town."  So while watching CNN this evening it was fun to see people I've seen / met at political events on camera.  Ruth Damsker, former Montgomery County Commissioner, was on camera applauding.  Ed Rendell was on camera watching the president talking.  Later Rendell was interviewed.  In the background I could see Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz, wearing bright pink, moving up the stands. 

Next week back to normal viewing and blogging.

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