Sunday, September 23, 2012

Commerce Energy Visits

I was out most of the weekend.  Apparently there was some excitement.  A man knocked on the door, implied that he worked for PECO or some government agency, but his hat and badge said Commerce Energy.  He wanted to see a recent utility bill and said it was to make sure we weren't being overcharged for energy costs.  Mr. J refused and shut the door.  The man knocked again but Mr. J didn't answer.  Some research shows that this is a fairly common practice for Commerce and it is a ploy to switch your account to their company. 

You can read more online.

Vulnerable people, the elderly, lonely, and anyone not paying careful attention to fine print could easily find themselves customers of Commerce without intending to.  It is a slimy business practice. 

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Anonymous said...

I agree,because I wasn't paying attention since I am going through issues and I am not thinking and the rep was deceiving and fast talking. They did tell us they were with PG&E and said if we signed up for the rate hike protetection. After he left only then did I get a chance to read the contract. You can send them an email to cancel within 3 business days. If I were a client of Commerce I feel from the contract I would be paying more for my gas.