Friday, September 21, 2012

Adel Ebeid Honored

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On Tuesday, September 25, the White House will welcome Adel Ebeid as one of 13 Local Innovation Champions of Change who have committed themselves to creating a more open and innovative government through entrepreneurship. Whether making local government information and public data more accessible; creating local environments to encourage and support entrepreneurs; or developing workforce programs to provide residents with skills for the high-tech economy, these champions of change work tirelessly to build a better future for the citizens they serve, create jobs in their community, and ensure more efficient and effective government.

Ebeid's biography

Adel Ebeid
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
As the City’s first Chief Innovation Officer (CIO), Adel Ebeid, is responsible for leading the City’s IT innovation strategy to advance the City’s digital quality of life. A passion for using technology to bring people closer to their government, Adel continues to be a strong advocate for open data and government transparency.  In addition to overseeing the City’s IT innovation agenda, Adel is also responsible for the traditional IT portfolio that includes infrastructure services, application development and maintenance, Geographic Information Systems, public safety communications and the City’s web presence. Prior to his appointment with the City of Philadelphia, Adel was the Chief Information and Technology Officer for the State of New Jersey until 2011.  He also held leadership positions with the Motor Vehicle Commission as Chief Operating Officer where he led the development of New Jersey’s first digital driver license, and CIO for Environmental Protection where he led the development of the NJ Environmental Management System (NJEMS) – a system that was later adopted by 8 other states as the platform of choice for the consolation of environmental data.

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