Friday, August 03, 2012

Things Not to Say

Two Pennsylvania elected officials made the news this week for poor choice of words.  Here is the most recent edition of "what not to say."

Congressman Mike Kelly is upset that, as of yesterday, insurance companies have to cover selected womens health issues with no co-pay.  One of those is access to contraception.  Rep. Kelly said this was equivalent to the bombing at Pearl Harbor and the terrorists attacks on Sept. 11th.  (watch video of his remarks).  The basis for his opinion is that it violates religious freedom  On a personal note my religion frowns upon drinking and gambling  It bothers me that my tax dollars go to state alcohol stores, casinos, and the lottery.  It bothers me that my tax money has gone to a number of wars that I felt were not justified.   This is part of democracy in a diverse society.

State Rep. Warren Kampf thinks Voter ID is a great idea and could possibly improve voter turn out.  (see story at PoliticsPA).  There is a possibility that anger over Voter ID could bring people out to the polls but that's no guarantee they'll be able to vote!

If these stories are any indication, the silly season has begun.    

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