Wednesday, August 08, 2012

A Trip to the Laundromat

Today was a vacation day, which became a "catch up on errands and chores day."  Everyone in the family has been camping recently so I took all the sleeping bags to the laundromat for a ride in their oversize washers.  The local laundry is a nice place -- Mr. J and I became very familiar with it when our old washer died last fall; Friday night was date night at the laundromat.  So off I went with a bunch of quarters and a stack of newspapers to read.

The laundromat attracts a diverse clientele.  Today I was the only white person in the business.  An African American woman was there before I arrived and another came in while I was there.  A trio of loud young men speaking Spanish were in.  The woman who left told them there was time remianing on her dryer but they didn't seem to understand. 

There are some active cork bulletin boards near the front.  When I was visiting regularly it was interesting to see what was posted -- informational flyers and the like.  Today there were three printed news stories about Gabby Douglas, the young African American Olympic gymnast.  Color me clueless,
I hadn't realized her iconic importance. 

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