Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Strader Endorsed by Women's Campaign Fund

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A national organization which identifies candidates who are running for elective office and have demonstrated leadership experience working to improve the lives of women has thrown their endorsement to Aryanna Strader, the Democratic running in Pennsylvania's 16th congressional district.

The Women's Campaign Fund began in 1974 as a non-partisan national network designed to advocate for women's parity in public office. Pennsylvania currently ranks as one of the lowest in terms of women in elected office and with the endorsement of Aryanna Strader, the WCF is aiming to change that.

"WCF is honored to stand with Aryanna Strader in her bid to represent Pennsylvania's 16th congressional district," said Siobhan Bennett, President/CEO of the Women's Campaign Fund. "As a decorated veteran, small business owner, and strong advocate for women, Strader is uniquely qualified to represent her constituents' needs and values on Capitol Hill."

While Strader only began her campaign five months ago, completely as a grassroots powered operation, today's endorsement by the WCF is another demonstration that she has built up an organization that is gaining the attention and support of state and national organizations such as the PA AFL-CIO.

"Having all the support of the Women's Campaign Fund behind our mission to win the 16th congressional seat sends a strong message to all working families and I can't thank them enough," said Strader. "If we are ever going to ensure that all Pennsylvania families are able to earn a good living, send their children to college and retire without worry, then we need to first ensure that both women and men are treated fairly in every aspect of our communities. I have worked extremely hard to serve my country, get an
education, raise my children and run a small business and I want to make sure the next generation of women leaders has an opportunity to achieve that as well."

Aryanna Strader is an Iraq War veteran who joined the U.S. Army two months after the attacks of 9/11, a small business owner in the high-tech industry and the mother of two children; running for Congress in Pennsylvania's 16th district which includes parts of Berks, Chester and Lancaster Counties. For more information about her campaign, please visit her web site at

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