Monday, July 09, 2012

Movie Night II: The Lost VoterID Ads

Gov. Corbett hired a private firm to create public service announcements on the new VoterID bill.  The firm took them down this morning but someone has put them up on You Tube.  One possible issue is that the ads used the phrase "or other photo id" without explaining what would or would not be acceptable forms of photo id.  Student ids, for example, must have expiration dates.  (U.S. News just posted an article saying Pennsylvania's VoterID bill was the worst in the country). 

Here are the video links and descriptions (courtesy aflciopa):

Video 1
Dramatic music over pictures, including one of three suffragettes. 
Video 2
Video of overly happy people showing a card that is supposed to resemble an ID.  Also confuses the issue by saying “other kind of photo id” will be accepted, without explaining what that means.
Original article
Gov. Corbett contract with Romney fundraiser for Voter ID campaign

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