Monday, July 30, 2012

Casey, PennEnvironment Call

The evening Sen. Bob Casey participated in a teletownhall meeting sponsored by PennEnvironment to highlight Sen. Casey's stance and vote on air quality regulations, specifically mercury levels.  Adam Garber, PennEnvironment's field director moderated the call.  Another statewide environmental group, PennFuture, praised the Senator for his efforts in this endeavor as well (see the 6/20/2012 note on BusinessWire "PennFuture Applauds U.S. Sen. Bob Casey for Protecting Babies from Toxic Mercury,").  On the call Casey rattled off some statistics on the impact mercury has on pregnant women and young children, specifically intellectual development.  A fisherman from Northeastern PA was also on the call, talking about the food chain.  The senator also stressed his commitment to positive impact that new energy technologies can have on the economy.  There were mentions of wind energy and safer fracking methods. 

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