Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Paul Drucker Office Opening

Paul Drucker, Democratic candidate for the 157th state house district, held his campaign office opening this evening.  His remarks, as provided earlier in the day, were as follows:

Tonight we began my campaign to return fairness to Harrisburg.  A return to fairness is more than just a slogan, it is an explanation of the differences between me and my opponent.  I support increased education funding, job creation and economic growth, improving and modernizing our infrastructure, environmental protection and women's rights.  These policies are fair to the residents of the 157th and all Pennsylvanians.  

My opponent has taken the wrong position on these issues.  He is out of step with the priorities of his constituents and out of touch with what is fundamentally fair to the people he supposed to represent.
I am grateful for the strong support I received from our community this evening, and I am honored that Lou Beccaria, Pete Goodman and Robin Greene could be here to discuss the challenges we face as a Commonwealth.  We have big challenges to overcome in Pennsylvania.  I am excited to return to Harrisburg to work on overcoming those challenges.  We have a bright future in Pennsylvania, but only if we recognize the importance of investing in that future.  

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