Monday, April 23, 2012

Election Tuesday, April 24th

Remember to vote tomorrow, Tuesday, April 24th.  Statewide Republicans have presidential and senatorial primaries.  Democrats statewide have an Attorney General primary (Murphy has my vote).  Six state house districts have special elections to replace representatives who resigned to take other offices or jobs.  Some state house (and state senate?) districts have contested primaries. 

It's the dry run for VoterID so take some id with you.  If there is a problem please ask if there is a list to get on for help getting the right kind of id.  This is an important time to find out how many Pennsylvanians don't have the kind of identification needed.  Older women who have been or are married may have additional hurdles getting proof of identity across name changes.  Older Republican widows may be just as likely to be caught up in this as Democrats.  I subscribe to the theory that VoterID bills are designed to impede Democratic voters but, as in many things, think that there are unintended consequences for Republican voters as well.  We need to make sure problem areas are addressed, or at least identified, now so they can be smoothed out before November.

Regardless, please vote.

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