Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Attention Philadelphia Republicans

from the inbox:

On April 24th, Pennsylvania goes to the polls for its Primary election.  In that election I, Adam Lang, am running for Delegate to the Republican National Convention.  As many of you know, my activism and involvement is predominantly local and focused on ethics, transparency and data-driven policy at City Hall in Philadelphia.  This can be seen from the recent press coverage I have had as well as older published works and coverage.

So why am I interested in a national party position?  Because I believe my views about and experience with ethics, transparency and data-driven policy is what Washington, D.C. needs.  We need people to go to the convention for the intellectual agenda, not the social agenda.

In the remaining days leading up to the election, I am going to ask you for help in supporting my run for Delegate.  Together, we can help move things for the better.

Adam Lang


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