Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Numa St. Louis Endorsed by NOW PAC

State Rep. Mark Cohen has a primary challenger. Numa St. Louis is running against Cohen in the 202nd state house district.  Today St. Louis announced an impressive endorsement:

The Philadelphia Chapter of the National Organization for Women Political Action Committee is proud to announce its endorsement of Numa St. Louis for State Representative from Pennsylvania District 202. St. Louis is the only challenger vying for the seat held for almost 40 years by the incumbent.

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State Rep. Mark Cohen said...

I commend Numa St. Louis's aunt, Democratic wardleader Sharon Williams Losier, a leader of the organization, for engineering this endorsement.

Nevertheless, the fact remains that in this legislative session I have been a leader within the Health Committee in opposing three terrible anti-choice bills: the first setting unrealistic standards for abortion clinics that threatens their existence; the second denying all women the ability to buy a policy with abortion coverage from the soon to be established Pennsylvania insurance exchange; the third requiring all women seeking to have an abortion to undergo an instrusive and expensive ultrasound procedure.

I have also been a Democratic leader for the recognition of the rights of members of the GLBT community, co-founding the GLBT Equality Caucus, co-sponsoring a Marriage Equality bill, and prime sponsoring a Civil Unions Bill.

Finally, as Chairman of the Human Services Committee, I have been the Democratic leader opposing benefit cuts in food stamps, welfare payments, and human services. I have also been the Democratic leader in the bipartisan effort successfully working to persuade Governor Corbett to establish the mandated Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs.

I welcome the support of all people who believe that my legislative record on long-term important issues is of relevance in determining whether or not I should be re-elected.