Tuesday, February 28, 2012

State House III: Paul Drucker, Warren Kampf Rematch

It's a rematch in the 157th state house district.  Democrat Paul Drucker, who won the seat in 2008, but lost it to Republican Warren Kampf in 2010, is challenging Kampf again in 2012.  I can't find a campaign site for Drucker.  Kampf's legislative site is www.repkampf.com.

Local blogger Pattye Benson provides an overview of the race. 


Anonymous said...

I am a Democrat who lives in Lower Providence.

Paul Drucker has set the Democratic brand back 15 years with his goofy plan to toll 422.

The GOP successfully used it in 2011 to deny the Democrats of a clean sweep in Montco County Politics.

Here is an analysis.


If Drucker stay in there is no reason to think the GOP will not use Drucker as a bludgeon against every other Democrat in the region.

So every GOP member should cheer that Drucker remains in the race.

Kate said...

Joe the Nerd, (your identity is clear since you posted this comment under your own name on another blog) Democrats come in all stripes. I’d call you a DINO with an agenda. I seriously doubt your animus toward Mr. Drucker emanates from your anger at Paul’s statement on 422 tolling.

I’ve heard you supported a person wholly unqualified to represent our party and our district in Harrisburg. Sour grapes, perhaps?

Also, your powers of prognostication are based on the results of an election that was very different from the one facing voters in 2012. Given that difference, you make a number of leaps from the 2010 vote totals.

And you make them with such conviction!

Let’s be honest. You’re just a person with an opinion. Like the rest of us…..

As a Democratic committee person from Tredyffrin, I can assure you that our membership enthusiastically supports Paul’s candidacy and does NOT endorse 422 tolling.

I see that you don’t bother to discuss the need for infrastructure improvements to free up weekday gridlock on 422 in your Huff Post screed, Joe.

And you surely know that tolling was never the only or even the preferred solution to the problem. It was one of a number of possibilities given the lack of public funding available.

Voters who’d be most affected by tolling – those who travel the length of the road daily – made their feelings clear. They didn’t want tolling. Now it’s time to focus on alternative solutions to the gridlock – unless you plan to make political hay out of old news.

Is that your plan, Joe?

You should know Paul Drucker is not a partisan ideologue who works for special interests. He is interested in solving problems. As the 157th state rep from 2008-2010, he was a consensus-builder interested in getting things done.

Notably, he never sought public office He was asked to run for both township supervisor and state representative as a man in his 60s. He ran because he cares deeply about our region’s economy and the quality of public education.

In the last 14 months a one party state government has focused on carrying out their ideological agenda, disregarding the will of the people on Marcellus Shale, education funding, bridge and road repair and other issues.

We need to return Paul Drucker to Harrisburg to work in a bi-partisan way and focus on the kind of economic-development projects that will bring prosperity to our region.

Needless to say, I strongly disagree with Joe the Nerd and THPT. We need a state rep who will represent the moderate, reasonable majority of residents living in the 157th. Someone who will push back against Corbett’s crushing cuts to education. Someone who will work for all the people.

Anonymous said...

Here's Paul Drucker ON VIDEO saying he supports 422 tolling...


This guy flat out lies...