Wednesday, February 08, 2012

SEPTA Changes Route C Bus Name

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SEPTA is getting word out to customers about the Route C Bus name change, which goes into effect with the launch of new seasonal schedules on Sunday, February 19. Routes 4 and 16 will replace the Route C, to cover the different patterns that currently run under the “C Bus” name.
The renaming is an opportunity for SEPTA to enhance communications with customers and improve service. Route C buses operate on two distinct route patterns, which can cause confusion for riders. Currently, one route pattern takes customers between Broad and Geary in South Philadelphia and Fern Rock Transportation Center in North Philadelphia. The other runs between City Hall and the Cheltenham and Ogontz Bus Loop.
The name change will not result in service reductions. Routes 4 and 16 will operate with the same schedules and trip frequency currently covered by the two branches of Route C. There will be additional service for customers on the Route 4, with the current Route C pattern extended in South Philadelphia to Broad and Pattison Streets to connect customers with AT&T Station at the Sports Complex.
The service area covered by the new routes will include:
 Route 4: Service between Fern Rock Transportation Center and AT&T Station.
 Route 16: Service between the Cheltenham and Ogontz Bus Loop and City Hall.
SEPTA is posting notices along the Route C to provide customers with details about the name change. Route 4 and Route 16 schedules will soon be available at locations where customers now pick up their Route C schedules.
SEPTA has also launched a special section on its Website,,

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