Thursday, February 23, 2012

Don't Mess With My Paper

The Inquirer and Daily News are up for sale again.  Former Gov. Rendell has put together a group of investors that are interested in buying.  A lot of people seem concerned about this. especially since there seems to have been some tampering of news stories regarding this subject.

I have a few qualms about Rendell, but one of his fellow investors is a dealbreaker.  Should that groups buy the papers my household would likely cancel our print subscription (ending a 19 year business arrangement).  I am locked in for a set length of time on my tablet but I can easily set that in a corner to gather dust. 

We have some excellent reports and other staff at the papers.  An independent press is necessary for democracy to flourish.  I don't think a media company owned by that group (or by a particular person in that group) would be very independent.

Keep the Inquirer unfettered.

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