Monday, January 30, 2012

Obama Now Ahead at Cafe Press

Cafe Press, the online store that lets individuals set up merchandise with their own logo, etc., on it, has been keeping track of the sales of merchandise promoting the presidential candidates.  Ron Paul has been the long time frontrunner.  However, since the State of the Union address Obama t-shirts, mugs, and such has surpassed Paul.  In 2008 Cafe Press merchandise sales predicting Barack Obama's win.  If you'd like to keep track, the site has a 2012 Meter Graph, updated weekly.

In the interests of disclosure let me admit to buying from Cafe Press from time to time but so far nothing presidential.  I have two mugs, one says "I'm not Sy Snyder" and the other has Jane Austen's picture on it with the slogan "What Would Jane Blog?"  I couldn't really pass up either of those. 

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