Sunday, January 01, 2012

Notes from January 2012 Philly Mag

The January 2012 issue of Philadelphia Magazine arrived today.  Going by the letters section I'm not the only reader who objected to last month's nudie shot on the cover, though no one else mentioned the awkwardness of trying to read it on the train. 

I'm glancing through the party pix in the magazine and on p. 22 my brain does one of those "drag the needle across the record" noises.  State Rep. Tony Payton, Jr. and Kate Wilhelm?  Say what?  Kate Wilhelm is one of my favorite writers!  Not the same one though.  Just like there are two Hollister Knowltons, there are two Kate Wilhelms.  The writer Kate Wilhelm lives in Oregon and her first story was published in 1963.    The Philadelphia Kate Wilhelm looks to be in her 20's and works at the Philadelphia Horticultural Society.  The writer was born Katie; PHS Kate is actually a Katrina.  Now you know.

The issue has a good profile of Committee of Seventy CEO Zach Stalberg, "Zack Attacks Hacks!" by Patrick Kerkstra.  It's not online yet; either pick up a print copy or watch the site for an line version to be posted.

An interested segment in the "A Philadelphian's Guide to Learning ... Anything," is a one-minute lesson on "tweeting without sounding like an ass****" by Dan McQuade, a one-time Philadelphia blogger.  He has some good advice.

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