Monday, January 09, 2012

Bonner to Challenge Micozzie

from the inbox, Sheamus Bonner will challenge State Rep. Nick Micozzie for the 163rd district in Delaware County:

Sheamus Bonner, a 19-year veteran of the United States Army, wants to represent the people of the PA 163rd in the Pennsylvania state legislature. Bonner, who has been an outspoken critic of the Republicans’ attempt to gerrymander the district to protect a 32-year incumbent, wants to see accountability brought back into elected office.

"This is about me wanting to continue to serve,” said Bonner. "The fact that my opponent is a 32-year incumbent does not concern me. You will find that his time in office and his record will hurt him more than it helps."

Bonner’s plan for his campaign is to assure the voters that when they elect him they will be electing a person who is just like them, someone who is in touch with their issues, the issues that affect their everyday lives. His years spent serving in the Army have prepared Bonner to understand and address the needs of those he is ultimately responsible to, the voters, by putting their interests above his own.

“In the Army, my responsibility was to accomplish my mission and take care of my soldiers,” Bonner said. “Voters across this state, especially the residents of the 163rd, need a representative who looks after them, not special interests with deep pockets.”

After making his decision to run, Bonner has prepared himself as he would for any other mission. He has sought out the input of the voters to understand what is important to them, what they feel is working and not working and what they might like to see change in Harrisburg. In addition, he has already put together a strong campaign team.

"We feel we are way ahead of everyone else who is interested in running, including our opponent," said Campaign Manager John Fennell. "We already have the support of key people and groups here in Delaware County. We have a strong team of dedicated supporters and an experienced campaign staff."

Bonner is a 19-year Army veteran and small business owner, who graduated Cum Laude from Strayer University with a degree in Business. He recently resigned as a state Corrections Officer to run for elected office and currently resides in Drexel Hill with his wife, Whitney, and two children.

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