Thursday, January 05, 2012

AG II: Kane's Got the Sugar

from the inbox:

Kathleen Kane, democratic candidate for Pennsylvania Attorney General, today announced her campaign will report over $2 million cash on hand as of the close of the December 31st filing period. Kane, a former Lackawanna county prosecutor with over 12 years experience in prosecuting murder, sexual abuse, official corruption, fraud and other criminal cases, brings the depth of experience that is needed to serve as Attorney General, Pennsylvania's chief law enforcement officer. Kathleen Kane is a career prosecutor, not a politician.
In announcing that her campaign is positioned with over $2 million cash on hand, Kane emerges not only as a clear contender to secure the democratic nomination, but also is the statewide Democrat with the profile who can best win in November and be Pennsylvania’s first democrat elected to the office of Attorney General. 

"It's great news for the Democratic Party when the most qualified candidate running -- the person with the most experience as a prosecutor -- is also the person who has put together the strongest campaign and can do the most to create a balanced Democratic ticket with President Obama and Senator Casey. Kathleen Kane has the experience, toughness, and independence to become the first woman elected Attorney General in Pennsylvania history." said spokesperson Daniel F. McElhatton.
As a follow-up the highly regarded state political blog Capitol Ideas references information from politicspa that Kane may be self-funding.  PoliticsPA mentioned it on twitter so it is not on their site. CI states:
Our friends at PoliticsPA hint the latter could be the case. They report that Kane has touted her ability to fund her own campaign. Her family owns a trucking and logistics business that looks all kinds of fancy.
PoliticsPA's tweet: 
Sy Snyder
. Kane's selling point has been the self-funder angle. Her family owns the Kane trucking business.

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