Sunday, October 09, 2011

Who Hates Mitt Romney and Why?

I get on email lists. Some I sign up for; others I don't. Lately some conservative groups have added me to their email press release and fundraising lists. Bad research on someone's part. These aren't personal messages but blast emails.

For the past few weeks the Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama has been sending me various emails. Most ask for money but so far it isn't to defeat the president. Two of the emails were in regards to the special election in New York to replace Rep. Anthony Weiner.

Two more related to the potential recall election of the Governor of Wisconsin:

There's some news out of Wisconsin you need to know about. The Government Accountability Board voted 5-1 to allow voters to download Recall Scott Walker petitions from their computers, sign them and send them to RECALL organizers.

While we actually support the right of citizens to access RECALL petitions from their home computers, the point is that RECALL organizers were just handed a big gift. Now they simply have to put together a database of their left-wing activist friends who supported the RECALLs against GOP Senators, and send them an email with a link to a RECALL Gov. Scott Walker petition.

Liberals can then further "pad" their margin to ensure qualification of a RECALL by putting union members out in front of retail stores to collect additional signatures.

Now, the reason this scares us a bit is that the latest polling done in Wisconsin on potential challengers to Gov. Scott Walker shows that Democrat Senator Russ Feingold (ret.) would beat Walker by a margin of seven-points: 52%-45%.

Then the group turned on one of it's own:
There has been a push in recent days among some in the Republican establishment to push GOP voters into coalescing around Mitt Romney as the de facto Republican nominee for President.

However, a number of our members and supporters have expressed to us concern that they feel conservatives can do better than Romney in the 2012 Republican nominee for President. They have said we must be sure that either a conservative in the race (Congresswoman Bachmann, Herman Cain, Senator Santorum, Congressman Paul, Newt Gingrich or Governor Perry) be the nominee or at least that another conservative enter the race (such as Gov. Sarah Palin) to ensure we have a stronger nominee than Romney.

A later email said that 93% of those responding to their online poll wanted someone more "authentically conservative" than Romney. Two later emails reported on CNN's and Rachel Maddow's reports on their Stop Mitt Romney campaign.

At the end of the quarterly fundraising quarter there were three emails asking for money before Sept. 30th.

The problem with getting on one mailing list is that those lists are sold, rented, and given away. Getting email from one often means you will start receiving email from another. A commercial list dealer is already advertising the Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama mailling list, for sale for a price.

The previously mentioned CNN article mentions the group's affiliation with the Tea Party Express and established Republican groups. I wonder who they are supporting.

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