Monday, October 31, 2011

A Quick Look at Mark Levy

Montgomery County Prothonotary Mark Levy's reelection campaign does not have a website.  For those who are not familiar with the office of prothonotary, the staff there keeps records of civil actions.  Divorce, custody, medical malpractice, drivers license suspensions, and other civil cases are filed and recorded by the prothonotary and his staff. 

Levy is running for his second term.  How did his first term go?  This is the description from the Montgomery County Democrats site:

Prothonotary Levy has come under budget and has been a poster boy for doing more with less. He has been able to reduce the size of his office through attrition, and improve services, decrease expenses, and add efficiency through an updated system under the watch of the county judiciary and bar association. In the meantime he was voted Courthouse Employee of the year with the unanimous support of the Montgomery Bar Association-not to mention at the end of his first term will be able to have been able to return $8 million dollars in surplus to help relieve the burden on the taxpayer. His proudest accomplishment in office has been drastically reducing the wait time for victims of domestic abuse in obtaining a Protection from Abuse order.

Levy is an army veteran and Temple graduate.

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