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Kitchen Table Patriots on PCN

I caught PCN's Call In Show with the Kitchen Table Patriots.  It is still up on the PCN website but may disappear soon.  If you are interested please take some time to watch and typed up my rough notes.  The guest's have the same initials and similar names so I used somewhat unusual initials to differentiate them, even so it is possible that in places I might have typed in one set of initials when it should have been the other.  This is not intended as a full transcript, only a representation of my notes.  I apologize in advance for any errors or misconceptions.  If readers want to see the full interview and it is no longer on the PCN website I believe PCN sells tapes of some shows, and would advise interested parties to look into that option.

 Moderator:  Matt Hall

With us in our studio for next hour are Ana Puig (PU) and Anastasia Przybylski (PZ) of the Kitchen Table Patriots.

MH:  What are the Kitchen Table Patriots?

PZ: we are a grassroots organization that started as a tea party.  At one meeting over 2000 people came and Ana Puig spoke.  Since we were mothers the media called us the Kitchen Table Patriots.

PU: We needed a bigger voice.  We started doing town halls and here we are today coming to Harrisburg frequently, talking to candidates, picking candidates running for office, affecting legislation.

MH:  Occupy Wall Street, what is your take?

PZ:  They have signs that say “we are the 99%.”  I’m part of the 99% and I don’t feel the way they feel.  Messaging has gotten away from what capitalism is, now its socialism vs capitalism.

PU:  They are asking the government to do something that government has never done before.  Not like tea party.  I want no handouts.  We’re nothing like this movement.

PZ:  They’re demonizing this one person [percent?].  They’re like the looters in Atlas Shrugged.

PU:  That one percent has created jobs.  That’s what American is all about.  A lot of that one percent have worked hard.

MH:  quote from Chris Christie, Occupy Wall Street like tea party.  Any common ground?

PU:  I ‘ve been in Harrisburg for 2 days.  I’ve seen the same people sitting at Occupy Harrisburg.  They should be looking for jobs.  That is not what tea party is about.

PZ:  right now what we’re feeling is people are out of work and worried.  Tea party concerned about direction country is going.  In Doylestown a great artsy little town, they moved in there and started protesting in the businesses that are providing jobs.  Organizing by a woman running unopposed for office in Bucks County. 

PU:  we are a bipartisan organization and would gladly support Democrats that are supporting what we are doing fiscally.  But they align themselves with these groups so we have no choice but to support Republicans.

Caller:  tea party aligned with corporate interests not citizens interests.

PU:  not at all, against government interference, about letting business succeed

PZ:  my parents stated with nothing.  We lived in a trailer.  They worked hard.  Their house is paid off.  My husband and I drive old cars.  Not looking at neighbors to take what they have.  If I owe so much money and look to government to bail me out what is my incentive to be responsible?

PU:  I was born in Brazil, came here at age 14 with parents.  American dream, life, liberty, pursuit of happiness.  Can become anybody if you work hard.  That’s what tea party movement is all about.  That’s what empowered me to get off my couch and stop screaming at the tv.

Caller:  Occupy Wall Street, many of them are students or graduates with deep student debt, going for American dream.  With job situation, can only find part time work or won’t pay enough to pay off debt.  Kids blame government but I understand why movement is there

PZ:  I understand.  College has become very expensive.  Why?  Two decades with money so easy for people to go into debt.  College become more expensive.  I graduated with student loans.  My husband did too.  It took us about 11 years to pay off loans.  Have to look at amount of debt going into and job prospects when coming out.  We paid them off.

PU:  things didn’t get this bad just under this administration but have gotten progressively worse.  1000 days of Obama administration national debt increased by $4.2T, 2.2M jobs lost, 140K added to government payroll.  This administration doesn’t have solutions.

PZ:  these people need to look at the government.  let’s figure out who the job creators are and help them.  They should join the tea party that’s where they belong

Caller:  you are wrong.  Debt.  Debt did increase.  Bush increased, doubled debt in 8 years, lack of regulation, failure to control wall street, led to this crisis.  Tarp approved by Republicans before Obama came in.  How can you say current administration doesn’t have the answers.  This is a very difficult situation.  Obama handled pile of you know what

PU:  it took Pres. Bush 8 years to do what he did.  I don’t agree with everything he did.  Obama has done more damage in 2.5 years than Bush ever did.

PZ:  we just added about $5T to deficit.  Rapid rate under Obama

PU:  can’t afford Obama for 4 more years.  If he gets to appoint another supreme court judge I might as well go home and enjoy what’s left of America

MH:  What do you think of the president’s new proposal

PU:  redistribution of wealth.  Temporary tax cut for businesses but increasing taxes on wealthy and businesses permanent.  Way to increase jobs is to let businesses do what they do best, less regulation.  It’s all about taking from rich and giving to poor. That’s not what America is all about.

PZ:  called a jobs bill but actually another stimulus bill.  Everything he’s done so far has failed.  No way even D’s support his bill.  Will put us further into debt.  Democrats who support his bill are going to lose in election of 2012.  American people are fed up with situation as it is.  Obama owns this economy.
Caller:  is PCN a publicly paid channel?  Should be more minorities, not 2 caucasian women

MH:  PCN receives no public money

PU:  I’m South American.  I’m a minority as well.

Caller:  what is it like when starting an organization, infighting, rumors

PU:  there has been a lot of infighting in tea party movement.  We want to make a difference for our state.  This week alone I’ve been getting calls from media because a tea party group said we have a Nazi sympathizer in our group.  Amazed that tea party people have time to do this when election so close.  To address, yes we have someone on our team who sells WW1 And WW2 memorabilia.  Not by any means a supporter of the Holocaust or mass murders of the 1940s.  some of these groups are using this great patriot to get to us and demoralize us.  Stop talking the talk and walk the walk.  We are buried in work.  I barely have time to see my children.  We need to defeat Obama.

PZ:  if another group shines we all shine.  If they get in the media for doing something great we all shine.  I’m happy when I see another group get the press for something we all believe in.  we need to come together.  If Obama is re-elected because we didn’t come together we can blame ourselves.

Caller:  are you compensated?

PU:  I don’t apologize for being paid.  I’m a paid Freedomworks employee.  I started out as a volunteer.  I’m doing a favor for this country, traveling and lobbying.  To keep up with the fast pace I had to take a paying job.  I’m talking about fiscal responsibility so I’m being responsible by taking a paying job to put food on the table.

PZ:  for 2 years I treated this as a full time job without pay.  If we’re on the radar and someone wants to pay us for what we’re doing, you should be happy.

PU:  I hope someday we can all benefit and take a paycheck.  We are lobbyists and are registered.  We won’t be sued because we are following PA law

MH: Is any of your salary public money

PU:  national grassroots organization out of DC

Caller:  thank God there’s two intelligent ladies like this standing up for paychecks not handouts.  The last thing this nation needs is European socialism.  They are standing up for American values.

Caller:  this discussion interesting.  Freedomworks, who funds?

PZ:  they have several donors. Small donations, large donations, they’ve been at the business of freedom for many years.  Run by Dick Armey and Matt Kibbe.  They’ve really done great work.

PU:  I’m not going to weigh in on something I’m not really sure about.

Caller:  over past 25 years, top 1% gone from 13% of total to 25% of total, income redistribution going the other way.  Supreme court justices.  Do you think Citizens United, which gave corporations ability to donate unlimited sums of money to political campaigns a good idea?

PU:  could be double edged sword, Democrats as well as Republicans will benefit.  There are corporations completely in Obama agenda and we can’t track them.  Same with Republicans

PZ:  I agree.

MH:  corporations as people?

PU:  I would prefer to see people donating out of their own pocket not a corporation

Caller:  disagree.  Agree with less government.  but would not agree with racism in tea party.  Should be more competition in health care and energy.  Certain states have 95% of population using one health insurance company.  Should put local government back in pockets of  citizens.  Republicans don’t want that, keep that with state,.

PZ:  our republic was formed, less government the better, the more localized the better, a politician issue.  I want to see down to our school boards.  Tell people if they are upset about property taxes, run for school board.  Upset about spending, run for local office.  We aren’t paying attention, we are concerned about super bowl and jersey shore.

PU:  all politics are local.  We are 2 moms with 7 children between us.  If we can have a voice anyone can have a voice.  I’m tired of hearing people say they can’t get involved because they are taking kids to soccer and CCD.  Guess what?  I do that too.  Working 60 hours a week.  Don’t just sit on your coach and complain, sipping starbucks.  In Brazil you can’t do that.  Racism?  Don’t see how people see it as racist.  I’m a minority in this county.  Many involved.  One of my best friends is African American and she is involved, on tv all the time.  She’s never been discriminated again.  I’ve never been discriminated against.  Left threated because we have changed the dialog.  This is a way to discredit us.  We have a lot of work between now and 2012.

Caller:  moderate independent.  Talk about redistribution of wealth.  Not against the rich but want all to pay fair share of taxes.  You talk about putting it to the poor.  Do you have a social conscience.

PZ:  you can in this country do anything.  My parents stared with nothing.  That’s the American dream.  Of course we have safety nets.  We need safety nets.  But people need to take care of themselves.

PU:  outside Harrisburg hotel always a line of unemployed sitting there.  Not the job of those who have created jobs and worked hard to support those who haven’t.  This is the land of opportunity.

PZ:  we have a system.  The welfare rolls have grown so much.  I was just talking to someone at soccer on Saturday who’s in the tea party.  The problem is now that when I’m out people want to stop and talk to me about this, in support.  Someone saw a kid looked totally capable of working, in the grocery story using a food stamp card for Gatorade and gum.  That’s what we don’t want to see. This new hipster movement with young capable 20 somethings,  getting food stamps and going to Whole Foods.  That’s not what it was set up for.

PU:  I don’t believe in entitlements.  Other than right to life.  We should just work hard.  That’s the American dream.  That’s why so many people come to this country. 

Caller:  what country are you taking back.  There was an election in 2008 just like there was in 2004 and 2000.  We didn’t go out and scream to take our country back from Bush

PU:  elections have consequences.  We elected Obama.  People take their freedoms for granted.  America is being taken away from the Americans.  Getting progressively worse.  Take this from someone who came from another country.  Lived in Brazil and England.  People are not happy there, want to come here. We are taking our country back.  In the Kitchen Table Patriots we believe electing Obama was a mistake.  Not the change and hope people were looking for. 

PZ:  Under Bush I was criticizing him to my family and neighbors with level of spending.  I understand why people were voting for Obama because they thought the change he was talking about was fiscally responsible level of spending and getting us out of these wars we are in all across the world that I disagree with.  Against spending and wars under Bush.   Now 2 years under Obama still in wars and spending out of control.

Caller:  delighted to hear this dialogue.   What is your take on Herman Cain, 999 plan, now a lot of criticism.  Talk about race card, take back country, take back basis of what made this country great, back to basics, entitlements.  If you want to know what’s going on in this country, watch Judge Judy, a lot of people living on government money

PU:  when we talk about taking back our country, going back to conservative fiscal issues.  Cain a breath of fresh air, no previous ties to either political party.  Stands on principle.  999 plan, devil in details, think it sounds good.

PZ:  we interviewed him on our channel, wkpt on tv.  He knows how to create jobs.  Some will criticize him for not being a politician, I think it’s wonderful.  He can really take on the race issue and end it once and for all.

PU:  I love that he’s an African American.  End talk that tea party is racist.

MH:  endorse in primary?

PU:  no, pick your favorites and vote and work for them.

PZ:  Cain has $1M in bank and some candidates have $50M in bank and he’s plowing ahead.  American dream.

PU:  we will support the Republican nominee.  Anyone running right now would be better than what we have now.  Would support Romney, hope he’s not it, but if he is I would support. 

PZ:  we think we can do better than Romney.  People like Cain and Gingrich.  Don’t let GOP pick the candidate ahead of time.  If people see a candidate they like can make a difference.

PU:  if Romney or whoever gets elected, we will still have to keep their feet to the fire.  Watch every single stop, how they vote.  If not we will find candidates to primary them.

Caller:  regardless of who gets in all the laws in favor of big corporations because all candidates take money from them.  Laws dismantled in 80s and all manufacturing jobs went overseas.  Assured children would have jobs because educated but those jobs overseas too.  Corporations won’t give any jobs to us

PZ:  part of the problem is our corporate tax rate.  Our government is incentivizing companies to move offshore.  999 touchs on our corporate tax rate.  Why would a corporation with our tax laws do the loophole thing that we have.  You have to hire lawyers just to figure out how to keep money.  Take up with your congressman and president.

PU:  we’re not standing up for Republicans here.  There’ s no reason for us to send jobs overseas. 

Caller:  we have to stop sending jobs overseas.  Have to support people who are poor but a lot of people work the system.   

Caller: educational reform, recent temple graduate, in americacorp program via jump start, worked with children trying to prevent illiteracy.  Your views on voucher, school choice

PU:  been involved since summer 2010, big advocates for school choice and school reform.  Last week came out with plan, charter school reform, teacher evaluations.  I’m evaluated on my job.  People in private sector evaluated.  Very happy with governor’s proposal.  That’s why we’re in Harrisburg today talking with legislators about this.  Public school system a failing monopoly.  Do something different rather than pouring money into same thing over and over.  Can’t afford another generation of kids in unemployment line or on drugs or in jail.

PZ:  some controversy with bills not including all students across the state.  Choice and competition gets you the best product.  Right now Corbett’s plan is great.  Studies have shown in pilot programs in other states, can infuse competition in those schools and spread it out.  Look for info at

Caller:  great to see two ladies voicing their opinions.  They are people in power in this country, development of permanent underclass.  Government built projects that resemble prison to accustom them to being in jail.  Took out boys clubs and after schools, saying they should be strong and do it on their own.  President can’t fix damage in two years.  Racism. 

PU:  no racism, not politically correct to say this but Obama is half white.  Pleased to see what Herman 
Cain is doing and he’s full out African American.  Not expect Obama to fix all problems in 2 years but we’re going down socialist path.

MH: community organizations

PZ:  agree, there’s a need an lot of people that are involved in helping communities that need them.

PU:  good if you can stay away from the indoctrination piece of it.  Need to get more people involved.
Caller:  last week state Auditor General Jack Wagner said our debt had doubled since the governor came into office.  A lot gone to debt.  Interest on state debt killing us

PU:  governor did a good job in getting our budget passed on time.  Closing deficit gap.  Cut spending by a billion dollars without increasing taxes.  People want us to give Obama a chance, same goes for Corbett.  He’s really concentrating on delivering this budget on time.  Let’s see what else he can do.

PZ:  As far as debt goes, eventually you reach appoint where you’ll go under.  Have to make really difficult decisions in cutting, kept us from going under.  These are times we all now know we have to tighten our belts.

Caller:  new world order.  What you’re doing is good.  [cut off]

Caller:  I agree with these two wonderful ladies.  Wild abuses of entitlement.  Kids seeking entitlement not employment.  Agree do away with them entitlement.  Put kids [cut off}

Caller:  family came here for freedom to work for and get away from systems there where wealthy had it all.  Called entitlements because we paid in and want something in return

PU:  system is not working , system is failing.  At some point some needs to say it isn’t working.  I’d give it up.  Give up social security.  Let’s try something else.

PZ:  word entitlement.  That’s not part of our constitution.  Freedom is not an entitlement. Not give to you.   God given.  Don’t expect a handout from the government.  Expect to make something of myself.  Want my kids to do that.  But if they see their friends getting a hipster food stamp card and not pay off debt, why would they?  That’s what’s at stake, cultural shift.  Need to sand on my own two feet.

MH:  thanks guests.  

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