Sunday, October 02, 2011

Book Review: Let's Play Dead

Last March I wrote about a Philadelphia based mystery, Fundraising the Dead. The author, Sheila Connolly, has written another in the Museum Mystery Series, Let's Play Dead. The first book focused on a historical museum / library. This one is about a murder that happens in a fictional children's museum, Let's Play, that is clearly based on the Please Touch Museum. Amateur detective Nell Pratt returns to solve the murder of an electrician working on a new exhibit at Let's Play. While the real Please Touch has moved to a new home in Fairmount Park, the action in the book takes place downtown. Mystery readers in the area might enjoy the local references, locations, and color. I found all the references to the electrician's union entertaining and kept expecting a Johnny Doc character to show up, but it didn't happen. This is an enjoyable, breezy read. The holidays are coming up and if you are stumped on what to get a mystery-reading Philadelphian, give this some thought.

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