Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Huey and the Banjo CD

I wrote earlier this fall about a music group playing in the train stations, the White Cheddar Boys. The day before one of the big floods I heard them playing in a station as I went to work. This time the group had a cd for sale. The first song is "Mississippi Heavy Water Blues." I bought it. What could be better than listening to that as the waters rose? A few other tracks are "Same Old Man Sitting at the Mill," "Doggett's Gap," and "Little Sadie." My family very patiently listened to it with me but have suggested that perhaps I would enjoy the "mountain music" more in my office at work. [sigh] The cd is labeled Huey and the Banjo. Huey is part of the White Cheddar Boys. You can hear them for yourself at The cd was relatively inexpensive (I don't remember how much) and the music is good. If you hear then in the train station think about picking up the cd, either as a holiday gift for friends or family, or for yourself.

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