Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Note on Logos

I’ve noticed some interesting campaign logos recently. The majority of campaign logos are some combination of red, white, and blue, with stars on it somewhere. Fonts can vary (see long ago blog post on the logos and fonts on campaign thank you letters), as can placement, size, and color of the stars. Want some examples? Take a look at:


At two recent political events (both for the Shapiro / Richards campaign) I noticed logos for township candidates that buck the trend.

Heidi Morein, running for Conshohocken Township Commission, Ward 7, studied for a year at Moore College of Art and Design. It shows. The logo has some novel lines and shapes on it. At the other end of the artistic spectrum John Spiegelman, candidate for Abington Township Commissioner, Ward 11, has a blue, green, and white grid pattern. Spiegelman, a graphic designer by trade, has helped some of this fellow township candidates develop logos.

I’m not saying there is anything significant in this, just that I noticed.

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