Monday, July 25, 2011

Schwartz Summer Picnic

This past Sunday Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz held her 4th annual Friends and Family Barbeque. It was beastly hot and even a short shower just before the event started didn't cool things down. Nonetheless when I was there there about 60 people in attendance, mostly clustered in the few shady spots available. I didn't catch all the public remarks people made but Schwartz talked about the importance of being involved in the democratic process and not becoming complacent. Last year people kept telling her she didn't need to worry about the election but she had a closer race than thought. She also discussed briefly her work on the Foreign Affairs Committee and the importance of foreign aid and what a small percentage of the federal budget is spent on it. Schwartz also acknowledged a group representing her Sikh constituents, who were there in colorful turbans.

Josh Shapiro and Leslie Richards, candidates for Montgomery County commissioner were there and gave a brief update on their campaign. They have knocked on over 1,000 doors and opened two new offices on Saturday.

Other candidates were present and introduced, including
Kathryn Boockvar, candidate for Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court Judge
David Wecht, candidate for Pennsylvania Superior Court

State Rep. Eugene DePasquale, who may or may not run for Pennsylvania Auditor General next year.

Richard Haaz, candidate for Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas
Josh Shapiro and Leslie Richards, candidates for Montgomery County Commissioner
Linda Hee, candidate for Montgomery County Recorder of Deeds
Will Holt, candidate for Montgomery County Sheriff

Bill Rubin, candidate for Philadelphia City Council, 10th district
Stephanie Singer, Philadelphia City Commissioner

After the formal remarks were over the candidates walked around talking to people and answering questions. I noticed one man getting autographs from Schwartz for his children.

Judge Wecht and State Rep. DePasquale had driven a long way and, perhaps for that reason, were the least known. They are running for, or considering running for, statewide office. Kathryn Boockvar is also running for a statewide office but is from Bucks County, and so has had more opportunity to get to know Montco and Philly voters. The other candidates were running for an office included, at least in part, in Schwartz's congressional district.

This is a nice inexpensive event, even if the weather doesn't always cooperate.

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