Friday, June 10, 2011

Patrick Murphy on Hardball

Patrick Murphy and Jim Matthews on Hardball with Chris Matthews
June 8

These are rough notes from watching the video online. It is not intended as a full transcript and I apologize in advance for any errors or misconceptions. The video and an official transcript are available online for readers to review themselves.

video of Matthews and Murphy, video of the Nutters
official transcript

Education Nation in Philadelphia, Independence Hall

Patrick Murphy, former 8th district congressman and Democratic candidate for Pennsylvania Attorney General, and Jim Matthews, Republican commissioner of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania

Economy especially a problem in the industrial belt

Q: Weiner scandal

PM: I think he has to leave. He lied. My heart goes out tohis wife and family. He should exit gracefully.

JM: He’s an adversary for me personally. He was cutting and acerbic. [blogger's note: Jim Mathews also said something positive about Weiner but I didn't catch it.]

Q: Obama’s fate depends on economics of this state and others. He’s trying to idenfity with tranining and industry and jobs.

PM: I think he’d be the first to tell you he’s doing all he can. I think the economic is going to be hurtuful to both parties. He’s doing his best.

JM: What he does need. He’s going after the middle class, talking about preserving and moving into the middle class. Need to have companies tell colleges what they need. Get rid fo curriculum that don’t work.

PM: It’s about winning the jobs of the future not the jobs of the past. Public / private partnership. He liestend to hear what we need to get kids involved and employed.

JM: Great part about speech was focus on occupation credentials. It’s a local responsibility.

PM: I know pres was at Bucks Co a few weeks ago, talking about Green Jobs Academy.

CM: Thanks PM for work on DADT.

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