Sunday, May 15, 2011

Recent Reading

I've been in and out of town lately and am behind on newspaper reading. Finally caught up on Inquirers this weekend but still about a week behind on WSJ. Here are a few articles I found especially interesting:

Help wanted on the factory floor,” by James R. Hagerty, Wall St Journal May 6, 2011. The gist of this article is that manufacturers in the US are having trouble finding employees with adequate math and science skills. Pennsylvania companies mentioned are Lehigh Heavy Forge Corp of Bethlehem and Curtiss –Wright Corp of Cheswick,

Firms feel ‘say on pay’ effect,” by Joann S Lublin, Wall St Journal May 2, 2011

Stale deal?” by Joseph N. DiStefano, PhillyDeals Philadelphia Inquirer, May 5, 2011. Amoroso Baking Co decided that instead of paying delivery drivers as employees the company would outsource the delivery routes, charging $100,000 per route. After paying for the route, drivers would have to pay for their own retirement and health insurance, fuel, and so on. The drivers usually work 6 12-hour days. There hasn’t been a rush to buy the routes.

Activists spend big in voucher battle,” by John P. Martin and Amy Worden, Philadelphia Inquirer, May 8, 2011. This is a very enlightening look at the forces, including conservative organization FreedomWorks, paying big bucks in Pennsylvania’s legislative battles over education vouchers.

"D.A. letter questions abortion bill's reach," by Angela Couloumbis, Philadelphia Inquirer May 7, 2011. Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams weighs in on bill HR 574 which would equate most abortion clinics as ambulatory surgical facilities.

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