Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Election Day Tomorrow

I had almost forgotten that tomorrow is election day. Then I noticed that blog usage was about twice the norm. It's the standard bump when voters start researching candidates. Things trending today:

Commonwealth Court candidates -- endorsed candidates R Anne Covey and D Kathryn Boockvar
Philadelphia City Commissioner -- Stephanie Singer

Interesting because I only have one or two meaty posts on any of them and I don't see a lot of search hits for the two Philadelphia city council candidates I've followed the most closely, Howard Treatman and Cindy Bass (both 8 city council district), even though at least one of my posts on each of them shows up fairly high in google search results (at least for me, google might be specializing these days).

There aren't any D primaries in the county commissioners / supervisors races in Bucks, Delaware of Montgomery Counties. Often county judicial candidates can cross list. School board candidates can sometimes, too. I ran into Cheryl Austin at some regional women's events this year -- she's running for judge in Montco. I like her quite a bit. She has a military background and you don't often find that in female candidates (trivia: the only female veteran in the state house lost her re-election campaign in the 2010 election). I also ran into Sherie Cohen at a few events. She's running for Philadelphia city council at large.

There are a lot of good candidates out there. Please review newspaper endorsements (see philly.com for city elections) and check out your local patch site, if you have one, for school board candidates. If they aren't listed there google your local political parties and review their candidate pages. School boards are facing a lot of tough important decisions these days and you really need good people making them.

For my GOP readers in Philadelphia, remember John Featherman for Mayor!
For my GOP readers in Bucks County, is Andy Warren a Republican again? Running for county commissioner? Last time I checked he was a Democrat running for Congress.

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