Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Drexel Fashion Show

Fans of Project Runway can see the local version, live, at the Drexel Annual Fashion Show Saturday June 4th. There are two showings, at 4 p.m. ($25) and 8 p.m ($50). More than 30 senior and graduate collections will be presented, at the Urban Outfitters Corporate Headquarters (5000 S. Broad St.).

The show features eveningwear, men’s and women’s wear, sportswear and swimwear, children’s wear, lingerie and more with students drawing inspiration from the artwork of Basquiat, the poetry of Maya Angelou and music of Miles Davis. Japanese motifs, Tokyo street wear and the rural country sides of India and Morocco were also sources of inspiration as students created their collections for this year’s show.

Tickets can be purchased online.

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