Thursday, April 14, 2011

PA Dems on Voucher Bill

from yesterday's inbox:

Today, Republicans are continuing to push a school voucher bill that will spend hundreds of millions on unaccountable schools with a record of mixed results despite widespread unpopularity for the proposal in Pennsylvania.

"At the same time that they're driving up school property taxes and hiking college tuition, Republicans are pushing an irresponsible piece of legislation that gives hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to unaccountable private schools," said Pennsylvania Democratic Party Chairman Jim Burn. "It's no surprise that Pennsylvanians oppose the Republicans' plan by a wide margin. Republicans should listen to the people of Pennsylvania instead of trying to pass a budget busting bill that will benefit their special interest donors."

Poll: Most Pennsylvanians oppose school vouchers (Tribune Review) Nearly two-thirds of Pennsylvanians oppose creating a voucher system that would use tax dollars to pay private-school tuition, according to a public opinion poll released yesterday.

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