Monday, March 14, 2011

A Few Links from Recent News

I've run across a few interesting notes on twitter and from the papers. For your review:

Delaware County Democrats have endorsed candidates for county office. See details at "Delco Dems endorse candidates for county office," By Timothy Logue, Delaware County Daily Times, March 13th.

"Pa. Legislature places no special rules on surplus cash it says it piles up for budget battles," by Marc Levy, AP (link to Columbia, Indiana Republic) gives a good overview of the legislative slush fund that the state legislature is allowed to accumulate and carry over from year to year with little regulation on what it can and should be spent on. Really annoying when budget cuts to things like schools and education are made, but not cuts made to legislative fund when they clearly don't need that much money.

Great chart comparing cost of tax cuts and spending cuts. Would you rather cut early childhood education programs or do away with the estate tax? No sources are provided but thought-provoking nonetheless.

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