Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Dress Barn "Send One Suit" Event

Between Feb. 24 and 27 Dress Barn stores will be holding their annual Send One Suit event. Last year was very successful as noted on their website:

Dress for success

We believe that one woman, one suit and one job can save the world. Dress for Success is an organization which encourages the self-sufficiency of women. Our customers and associates have donated over 240,000 suits and career separates during the S.O.S—SEND ONE SUIT—WEEKEND, (along with 50,000 brand new suits from dressbarn), to help women who are taking steps to reach their full potential. Thanks to you, we are proud to announce that we collected and donated over 45,000 suits and career separates during our annual Dress for Success suit drive! Thank you for all your support!

Contact your local Dress Barn store for details.

On a personal note, while admittedly I'm not a fashionista, this is where a good percentage of my wardrobe came from. They have good clothes at good prices with friendly salespeople. It's great, and not surprising, to discover they participate in something worthwhile. Women who have been unemployed or out of the workforce for various reasons may not have the clothes needed to go to job interviews. Programs like this help them feel more confident and present a better image.

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