Monday, November 01, 2010

What People are Looking For

As usual there is an uptick in blog usage just before the election. What's interesting is what people are looking for. The number one search strategy I am seeing in usage stats is candidate comparison, often paired with pa or pennsylvania. Unfortunately this doesn't tell me much of what they want other than they want information. The second most popular search is similar except it includes the word governor; sometimes, but not often the candidates' names (Dan Onorato, Democrat, and Tom Corbett, Republican) are included.

I find this a bit alarming as people don't know what race they are researching and seldom search for candidate names. I'm not seeing as much interest in the congressional races but where there is, it is split more or less evenly across the 6th (Dr. Manan Trivedi, Democrat, and Jim Gerlach, Republican), 7th (Bryan Lentz, Democrat, and Pat Meehan, Republican), and 8th (Patrick Murphy, Democrat, and Mike Fitzpatrick, Republican).

Most years I split my vote but I think this time I'm going with straight D.

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